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Bespoke Furniture

Whether you want to "breathe" new life into some of your existing furniture or you are looking for something unique, we can help.

Interior Design

Unique clothing

What makes us different to everybody else?


It's in the Jeans!!

Hamilton Loomis is the proud owner and wearer of one of our denim creation. Read about what the GREAT Bo Diddley has to say about him...Hamilton Loomis


Detail means DETAIL

When Kenny decides on how an item will be created the focus then turns to the finer detail. Whatever it is it gets done with the right materials no matter .the cost


Unique denim clothing

As worn by Hamilton Loomis above Kenny's clothing creations are admired far and wide. From being asked in a shop to being approached by an International rock star's agent Kenny has created individual clothing for many people -including himself!!


Every detail is important

From the outset detail from you is vitally important. With your ideas and our creative flair your ideas will come to life. It may be you just want a room to look fresh or a whole interior design concept, we can help